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The shared struggles of Angel and Wesley.
Music by Earshot.

An episodic of the Buffy episode, 'The Prom'.
Music by Plumb.

So Cold
An episodic of the Buffy episode, 'The Wish'.
Music by Breaking Benjamin.

An AU trailer for an Angel movie.
It uses the original audio from the Blade movie trailer.

A slash, AU interpretation of the Buffy and Faith relationship.
Music by Marilyn Manson.

Behind Blue Eyes
A character study of Lindsey from seasons 1 and 2.
Music by Limp Bizkit.

I Am
A character study of Angel and the battle with his alter-ego, Angelus.
Music by Killing Heidi.

Tara's return in an alternate reality of season 7.
Music by Alison Krauss, Apocalyptica, Bif Naked, Christophe Beck, Enya and Howard Shore.

One Step Closer
A character study of Connor from seasons 3 and 4.
Music by Linkin Park.

The Champions
A look at the heroes of Buffy and Angel.
Music by Queen.