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Title: Goodbye
Music: Earshot
Media: Angel
Genre: Dual character study, Relationship
Size: 43.7mb
Format: WMV
Spoilers: "Not Fade Away", Angel season 5
Created: April 26, 2007
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An Angel and Wesley dual character study, exploring the events that bind them and the similar paths they have taken in their lives.

As the tragic events surrounding Connor and Wolfram and Hart unfold, Angel and Wesley's once treasured friendship disintegrates. Jaded, they lose all will to care and become only shadows of their former selves. However, Angel and Wesley ultimately share an entwined destiny, an emotional connection that will always be present to show how alike these two characters really are.

Goodbye is by far the most storyboarded and thought-out video I have done. I spent weeks writing down parallels that I thought I could bring out in each narrative, both story-wise and visually. I would love to know what people honestly feel about it.

If you decide to download my video, you can tell me what you think either via the tagboard (say which vid you're commenting about) or via email. Thanks!

Credit goes to Sweetie for the amazing graphic.