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If you are a new vidder or are interested in improving your vidding style, there are a lot of valuable resources to help get you started.

Katie at simple-ruse.org has created a vidding tutorial that shows you one way to approach vidding. If you are not sure what programs to use or how to begin the process, this is a wonderful way to get started.

Sassykitten from sassykittenvids.com has a tutorial for SmartRipper and Adobe Premiere.

Fade to Black has pooled together many resources to help you start. There are tutorials for editing and ripping, faq's and links to other programs.

For Sony Vegas users, Issa has some wonderful tutorials for visual effects at her website FracturedFable.Net.

Clip Resources:
Leanna at Illuminating Television has created a multi-fandom resource site that features many clips for you to use freely, including ones from Buffy and Angel.

Milly has some Buffy clips posted at a livejournal community for you to use here.

Some good codecs to use in your video compression are XVid and DivX.

I use both Windows Movie Maker (which comes with Windows XP) and Sony Vegas 6.0. You can download a trial version of Vegas here, which will expire after about 30 days.

Katie is offering free hosting at absolute-vertigo.org for vidders who would like to have a reliable webspace of their own. No ads, plenty of available space - this is a pretty good deal! Not everyone can be accepted, and there are some rules though so make sure you read those first.