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These videos are my own personal favorites. I love them to bits. To experience them for yourself, click the link on the name of the respective vidder to download. Every single one is immensely worth it!

Crazy and Haunted - Astarte
Bullet with Butterfly Wings and Living Dead Girl - Brad
Smile, Strange & Beautiful and Weak - Charmax
Slave to the Wage, Deja Vu - Corn Child
Volcano Girls and Sorry - Dualbunny
When You Were Young - Elishamarie
All My Life - f1renze
Come on and Superstar - here's luck
Pure Morning - Jessie
Bodies, Vicarious - John
Confession, Time and What a Scene - Katie
Passive, The Green-Eyed Monster and The Bitter End - Little Heaven
Enemies Within and Counting Bodies - Milly
Love (The Rose) and Gangster's Paradise - Morgaine
Unsent - Nicole Anell
Hide, Novocaine for the Soul and The Five Stages of Grief - OutofMud
Happy Girl and Ordinary - Pipsqueak
Buffy Abridged and Move Your Feet - Rowena
Vindicated, Good Lives, Angel Jam, Down with the Sickness, When I Grow Up, We Still Kill the Old Way and A Little Less Conversation - Ryan
Collide - Sadique
Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Rockstar and Temptation Waits - Sassy Kitten
Coin-Operated Boy, Lemon Parade and At This Point In My Life - SDWolfpup
Closer, Cowboy, Paradise and Two Words - sisabet
Fighter - Soulblood
Bodies, Fallen, Everywhere, Anthem for the Year 2000, Leaving Town, Love to Let You Down and Original Prankster - Sweetie
God Says Nothing Back - txlsplash
Sleepwalker - Wendy
Flight Plan, Break me off a switch and Slot A - Wicked Amp

Veronica Mars:
Feeling Good - Astarte
Nervous Breakthrough - Dualbunny
Brighter Than Sunshine - Katie
One Thing - Leanna
Part of the Queue - Rowena
Just a Girl - SassyKitten
I'm Stupid and Sorry - Slayernator
Colorblind, The End and Too Little Too Late - whereistheluv

The O.C:
Queer and Starstruck - fabella
Lack of Color and My Way - obsessive24

The Wreckoning - Charmax
Die Another Day - Martoufmarty
One of a Kind - obsessive24
Day by Day - whereistheluv

Other TV:
Meds (Nip/Tuck) - Destiny
Affirmation (Queer as Folk) - f1renze
Hemorrhage (Supernatural) - fabella
I Hear The Bells (Queer as Folk) - Jessie
Phobic (One Tree Hill) - Katie
That's All (Lois and Clark) - obsessive24
Wild & World on Fire (Tru Calling) and Californication (Lost) - Sweetie

Harry Potter:
Elevation and The Distance - Corn Child
The Boy was a Puppet - fabella
End of the World - keewick

Other Film:
Breathe Me (Just Like Heaven) - Destiny
My Own Summer (The Matrix) and Through Glass (Spiderman/Superman) - dragonchic
Downfall (Spiderman) - Jon
Go (Imagine Me and You) - Katie
Scar Tissue (The Virgin Suicides) - whereistheluv

Destiny Calling - Charmax
Documentary - fabella
Crazier - Kristin