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Here are some of my favorite pieces of feedback that I have received for my videos. I love hearing what people think! If you have any comments of your own make sure you send them to me via my email at disharmony87@yahoo.com.au.

Destiny on 'My Demise':
I'll say again that it is truly amazing. The editing, the music, the effects, everything. Right after watching it I got to working on a project I've had in my queue for a while. I know I already told you this but it really inspired me so I want to thank you again. I love the opening. I can't explain exactly why but it just sets a very disturbing mood. The movie alone does that but the weird beat with just the leaves and various parts from the tape were incredibly creepy. Your timing was incredible. Spot on as it usually is. I should elaborate but you get the point. Awesome? Wow? Yeah. Your scene selection was spectacular. Brilliant really. I loved every single part of this video clip/lyric wise. The part with the pictures was always one of the creepiest parts for me and your sharp cuts and eerie clip choices made this even more disturbing. The music selection is terrific. You always pick perfect songs for your vids and make every second important. This is no exception. There isn't a moment that doesn't interest the viewer or keep with the tone and emotion you've set. The slight coloring you applied worked very well with the original footage and overall mood. So yes, amazing job! You never cease to amaze Aimee.

Junkstar on 'Stay':
I really liked this because instead of just focusing on all the highs or all the lows of their relationship, you played both fields and the song was a great choice to let you go there. You really got a sense of their internal struggle with each other through out it, and in turn the viewer can't help but get emotionally involved. Lyrically, it told the story well (it really is the inner voice of Veronica) and pace wise it was great, especially when it would build up to the emotionally climatic points. You hit your beats really well - excellent quality through out.

Milly on 'Tourniquet':
You know I've been excited about this vid since the moment you shared your idea. I couldn't wait to see it, it's everything I like - a great vidder, a dark song, Buffy/Faith...I couldn't wait. But it was well worth the wait. I think this is my favorite Buffy/Faith video, the editing is just perfect, the colors, the unique idea behind it. And it's so clever. I love love love the part from Graduation Day pt 2 in Buffy's dream where Faith touches her face and insane Buffy reaches back, or chained Faith/Buffy from Beauty and the Beast. And the part with the sex and the kitten, it works perfectly. Love the sort of heartbeat effect the frames do towards the end of that sequence. Loved the intercuts with the dance, loved the demon-darkness bit, adored the quick cuts in the shower with Buffy.

Pipsqueak on 'Resurrection':
Oh, I love this. It's just so well done, and so plausible (I would have loved to have seen this story play out on the actual show!), and you do a really great job of making different scenes seem like they flow perfectly together. I particularly liked the Dawn-resurrects-Tara angle. That made a lot of sense, given their close bond, and I totally understood her displeased reaction to Kennedy in the vid. And the Kennedy/Faith ship is awesome! I can totally get behind that idea. They do have a lot in common, and as yucky as the Willow/Kennedy ship is, I'm kinda fond of the brat herself. So I'm very glad you included that as Plot B and gave them a happy ending. One part that stood out (in a good way) was when Tara and Dawn came home and found Willow and Kennedy in bed together - it all flowed together very well and I forgot while I was watching it that the clips came from totally different scenes. That section in particular was really nifty. You did a marvelous job! I am so impressed!

Andrea on 'I Am':
With no word of a lie and hand on heart this has to be the best character vid for Angel/Angelus I have ever seen - and boy I can tell you I have seen a few as I am a huge Angel/DB fan. I've not heard of Killing Heidi before and the song is word perfect for Angel's character. It just seems to encapsulate the loneliness and isolation that Angel experiences, how no-one really understands 'what/who he is' and the constant struggle to keep the inner Angelus at bay. I particularly like the fade in/outs for the 'I know' lines and at the latter part of the song where the singer whispers 'so close but you don't know' as Angel walks in from the shadow in 'Eternity'. At the moment I watch it once a day for a quickie DB fix.

Obsessive24 on 'Blade':
At first you think it's just another AU trailer, well done but nothing particularly amazing. But then it clicks: she has used only one audio track, the exact audio from the Blade trailer. Everything you see onscreen has been matched to audio, not from source. I can't imagine the amount of time this must have taken, the type of in-depth knowledge of source you'll need to carry it off in such a coherent, convincing way. Every single nuance of the alternate audio source is perfectly matched to the visuals. On top of that, the AU narrative is carried off superbly. A truly incredible and innovative effort!

Brad on 'Missing You':
Absolutely gorgeous editing. The opening shot is one of the best I've ever seen in a vid. Love the coloring, particularly how it returns in the final shot (and it's great how you lingered on that). The transitions were just perfect, particularly that extended merge on the ballet scene. Great external movement and some nice, gentle internal movement that reflected the music. Just a beautiful vid.